The Layanda style is: Raag ‘n’ Roll. Indian Raag + Rock ‘n’ Roll = Raag ‘n’ Roll.

The band fuses the Hungarian folk and Indian musical tradition with jazz, funk and psychedelic rock. They have given concerts with the world-famous sitarist Pandit Rajeev Janardan, the guitar-player Estas Tonne or the singer Netanel Goldberg. They have also composed music to the multi-awarded documentary, called Rupa’s Boutique.

On the concerts traditional songs blend with rhythms from the Middle-East, relished with whirlwind improvisation.

The 5 members have got 5 music-related diplomas from 3 continents and invitations to the USA and Mexico.

LAYANDA IN DUB – a main stage frenzy with Harshavardhan Sreedhar aka Shivacult, an amazing Indian singer and multimedia artist.

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