Shivacult the engine of the Layanda in Dub. He is the psychedelic/spiritual/Higher realmic art project of Harshavardhan Sreedhar who is based out of Budapest, HU and Hyderabad, IN.

Shivacult is the project that was born out of a fascination for the Dravidian-Aryanized cult of the Adiyogi Shiva: His attainment of cosmic powers by the conquest of the unstable mind and his dwellings on sexuality and spirituality.

Marrying a thousand year old Indian Carnatic tradition of music with the latest cutting edge electronic music forms, Shivacult strings intricate phrases of melody with electronically synthesized elements surpassing sonic capabilities. He brings alive the ancient Carnatic tradition of India, focusing on the aesthetic aspects of the “Raga” system and its emotional capabilities. Meditation – ancient and contemporary spiritual and occult thought plays a central theme of the storyline of his compositions.